The album “Colours In Flight” is an album of songs written by the singer/songwriter Jhenni in collaboration with her Producer, Dave Bruce, under the independent label Tootsiey Music Productions limited, based in Shropshire. The 16 songs on the album represents a 3-year journey following on from the previous Tootsiey Music albums “Reconstructed Wings” and “Songs From The Secret Garden”.

Jhenni’s style of song writing is very spiritual in nature, channelling her feelings and emotions through lyrics and then defining the basis of the song in terms of whether the music touches her soul; whether Jhenni feels the song and lyrics produce strong emotions. Only if Jhenni “feels” the song, whether the power of the song produces tears, happiness or sorrow does the song then get developed into the production stage. 

Jhenni’s style of song writing focuses around positivity and colours; love and deep spiritual meaning. Empowering messages, crafted through the artist’s love of storytelling. Sharing Jhenni’s visual perception of what is meant by “colour canvas living” and #coloursful

The album includes the two released singles to date “Splash The World With Your Colours” and “Show A Little More Love”, both of which had videos produced that are up on YouTube to enjoy. Other tracks of note as future singles include “To You (Summarised)” and the beautiful ballad “Every Time”.

Very important to Jhenni are her lyrics, whether they are about true love and also self-love…..loving her inner child… songs such as “Who You Are To Me”, “Now And Forever” and “Love You Redeux” or powerful past experiences in her life such as “Take That Flight”.

Since 2014, Jhenni has learnt her musical craft extensively by developing her song writing skills, self-learning piano and guitar and honing her distinctive singing voice, ensuring that all who hear her songs know instantly that it is Jhenni singing.


The first thing to say is it’s highly individualistic, and appealing, and above all clear, and lyrical. Then, behind it is the philosophy of the words she is singing, in a very direct, communicable way. She is not a gospel-singer – except the singer of her own, very acceptable, non-religious but impassioned gospel: they come from the heart.

‘No one is colourless – we are all coloursful.’

Mike Willmott

Singer, Violinist, Fiddler, Listener, Appreciator, Critic, (70-years-young)

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- Splash The World With Your Colours -

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