The single “Splash The World With Your Colours” is an energetic pop song, exuberant and fun with an empowering message, crafted through the artist’s love of storytelling. Sharing Jhenni’s visual perception of what is meant by “colour canvas living” and #coloursful, Jhenni hopes the song will put a smile on the faces of those who listen to its positive message.

Jhenni is a singer/songwriter currently living in Shropshire, having co-founded Tootsiey Music Productions Ltd with fellow songwriter/producer Dave Bruce some 3 years ago.

Having begun her career as a singer and lyricist, Jhenni honed her song writing skills over the development of her two previous albums “Reconstructed Wings” and “Songs From The Secret Garden”.

Jhenni has a unique voice, a creative style of writing and sings by promoting positivity and inner strength through her music. Jhenni wants to portray to those listening to her songs that if you believe in your colours, your colours will believe in you. With passion and love and determination in your heart, one can travel amongst the cosmic stream.

Love n Light Jhenni xx

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- Splash The World With Your Colours -

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