The Rose

That Bloomed of ‘Sapphire Blue Mist’

Chapter 1

Amongst the settlement of the soil and the pebbles there stood a little country cottage, known to the villagers as ‘The Severns‘. A delightful little place; nestled in the heart of Mintcliffe, in the county of Shropshire. You could hear a pin drop: stillness and silence were the character and beauty that shone out of the hills.

Mintcliffe’s beautiful hills!

The sweet reverberations of the birds and the wildlife – and the occasional owls – would enlighten the night and the beating heart of the villagers, whilst they slept soundly in their beds. With only a soft country breeze sweeping through the air and getting behind those mysterious creatures of the night.

Most of the villagers would spend their days working, planting crops and flowers; and in the summer they would hold garden parties and barbeques on their lawn. Such occasions welcomed, families and friends to come together to share in the magnetism of each other. Bees and butterflies held their own garden parties, moving around on their merry little way. Flying around propagating each of the flowers that they would have the pleasure to land on; supping their sweet nectar; and this would in return, enrich their lives. Everyone and everything felt uplifted, enriched by Mintcliffe’s countryside magic.

Everyone but Jacob!

You see; Jacob had partially lost his hearing. He was only able to hear a very slight amount of sound that came from the country or hear the laughter from the children who played nearby ever so softly. He lived in a planter in the deep dense forest, which encircled the enchanting hills.
Sadly, he had become injured by a strong bolt of lightning that had struck the sides of the box one night; and made poor Jacob shoot with pain – or was it, exactly that which made Jacob hurt so much?

This planter had been left there by an elderly couple who decided that they would leave one of their garden planters, full of bark and soil; beside a school. Their intention that if the school children wished to do some gardening, planting flowers besides take care of nature, contributing their skills to enhance the beauty of their village then they could do so, either on their way to school, or on their lunch break, or when they left for the day and they were walking back to their homes.

The children welcomed this idea; and soon they moved into their groups, and took turns in planting. The flowers would come from nurseries where the owner would discard any that he didn’t feel would survive, flinging them out into the compost-heap. The plants and flowers which would find themselves in amongst the heap, were those with black spots or damaged roots, or root – rot from too much watering. Most of the flowers that the nurseryman would leave out were in fact orchids. There were all sorts of colours and genres he had cultivated; patterned ones, and pastel coloured ones, ones with spikes and buds, and other types with only leaves and others fully blooming, fully formed. Incredible genres of orchids.

The headmistress noticed that the children were taking such great care with the orchids that she decided to move the planter inside. Her decision, primarily due to the weather becoming colder, harsh weathers beginning to circulate plus the fact that orchids survive better in the warmth, for she had done her research. The children were developing really well as gardeners beside their newly planted orchids The elderly couple recognised the difference that this was doing within the community, plus the collective effort from everyone. They decided to go out and buy a second planter, such that the school children could further their development even more. Instead of the planter this time being filled with orchids, their intention was to fill it with roses.

These roses came from yet another nursery which again had no use for damaged blooms. The nurseryman came along and dropped them off at the school. The planter remained empty over that weekend. Everyone was so occupied in organising craft fairs, and what is more, musical events, encouraging singers, musicians and artists of the village to show their unique talents, and their art.

Everyone but Jacob!

Jacob after his hearing was damaged, found he had a slight change of heart: He never felt like he wanted to be around people. He stopped taking himself to the Nature Reserve. He particularly stopped passing his time near the Loch at the corner of Enchanted Wood. He used to love going fishing on the Loch: he would catch some of the most vibrant scaled fish that were there swimming around. He would film them, and take photos of them, and kept an album of all of the species of fish that he had encountered over the years. He would take photos of each of them. The charming part about Jacob, was that after he had watched them and admired their colours, he would simply liberate the fish back in to the Loch.

Jacob found fish fascinating. He loved looking at their scales, and the colours which would become present to him when the sun shone brightly. He especially loved that it didn’t always have to be bright, for their unique patterned scales, to bring a flutter to his heart. Iridescently shining, Jacob could see their beauty even when it was a dull day out. Fish made Jacob feel happy; he watched them move playfully in the water. He loved their flowing movement he loved the sense of freedom they had when they danced beneath the water with each other. Fish had such a strong bond with each other. What is more he especially adored that they had no ears!!

Despite not having any ears they could communicate with each other beautifully, clearly through the gentle movements they made. It was as if they had their own messaging system under water. Their own living connection besides sonic tissue fibres. Jacob used to love dancing with the fairies, including the pixies of the wood and looking on at the fish. He was reminded of the fun times he used to have with those magical people of the night.

Pixies are the type of fun loving, charming, busy people, perfect for entertaining the wilderness. Fairies would bring their magical characters and fawns; they would set up the events. They were the organisers they knew all the people to bring along! With the help of, and I mustn’t forget to tell you about these magical creatures, the hummingbirds of enchanted wood.

These little luminescent birds were the flying telegrams – the trusty streaming services in this modern age. They would spend their day flying around, delivering messages to the plants; then the harvests. Each one of them would buzz by and pass on an important message to the field, and in time the entire field would be aware of what would be taking place. The entire field, right up to the edge of the fence!

From beyond the fence, the cows, took their daily supplements from the crops receiving their message in this mannerism. A process that would transpire accordingly: before the farm land animal or cow in this instance, would take a bite of the crop or plant. The plant or crop would reach out its feeler spikes, whispering the message in the cow’s ear. Afterwards, the cow would be able to eat the said crop or plant. Inside enchanted wood all plants and crops grew back to their original height and weight in a couple of days, therefore there was never any issues with their being a shortage.

Moreover, the farmland animal knew, that if it was to eat that particular plant that shared the message with it. Then it wasn’t allowed to take a bite of the same one after it had grown, it would choose to eat the one next to it, instead. Since the plants and crops with the messages, would assist the animal’s wellbeing and life. A little like the orchids, once an orchid has bloomed; it will not bloom from the same spike it will find a new place to bloom. Thus, giving the full plant a chance to regain its strength. This is what was referred to as the circle of compassion (respect that plants and animals had for each other).

They inspired many of the villagers; and the villagers showed a lot of adoration for the plants in their village. The most recent message that the plants had an earful for, was that the village was to hold an inciteful gathering. To give back to the plants, for their beauty and their healing properties. Plants had a lovely way of energising, or calming the most sombre or fatigued of person. The plants were so interesting, growing from a seedling, to a wee plug plant to sometimes, even a stretching bean stock climber; some of which were given the names Lupins and Campanulas.

Then, you had the bedding plants which were exactly how they sounded: soft and springy. Plants such as Pansies, Begonias and Irises; to name just a few. Their soft petals; making the perfect bedding area to lie on. It wasn’t as if you had to worry about crushing them; as they would bounce right back. This is exactly what Jacob decided to do; arranging for the fairies and the pixies of the wood, to pick up all sorts of bedding plants, when they were out and about. He lifted the empty planter to the dense part of the forest; where he stayed. However, he found getting it there, difficult; many a time he had to stop and rest. Lifting it from his back, and placing it on the gravel.

He would rest for a little bit, then he would continue on. Where the school was and the dense part of the forest it proved to be a tiresome journey. Furthermore, he had a stream to cross, in some parts. But Jacob needn’t worry for he had the perfect boat to take him across the stream. His planter made a perfect raft! If he positioned it upside down; he could climb on top of it. Using inflatable buoys, which were sat by the side of the water’s edge, tied round some posts; he could edge these in, to keep it afloat even more.

Jacob would only need two, as they were fairly big and round. The two of them slid in perfectly! Using the pieces of rope that were tying them onto the posts; he could untie these two pieces, and re-tie them around his self-made boat. Low and behold, this was exactly what he got to work doing; tying them securely around the length of the planter. Once both pieces were secure, he then floated the boat on the stream and got on top of it – ready to sail. The currents from the stream would take him over to the other side, where he could then begin to arrange the bedding plants that the fairies should of by now acquired.

Sat in his manmade boat for about an hour; whilst the currents from the stream carried him over, he eventually arrived on the land. He was feeling excited and ready to see; what the fairies and pixies, had arranged for him. What they had managed to retrieve; from their daily rummaging in enchanted wood.

He shouted around; but no one was there, he called for them, but they didn’t appear. He waited in anticipation on their return. Sat patiently on a log; and sang a little song.

As he began to sing; he imagined himself wrapped up cosy inside his new bed. Feeling confident, that his friends will have found something, for his bed. Thinking of them: he began to envisage; small footprints, in the mud beside his feet. Identifying the tiny footprints, to be those; of the fairies and the pixies. Extremely small and light, were the dimples; they would make, on the sand. All of sudden, these tiny dimpled sand dunes; made their way inside the planter, and the planter began filling up; firstly, with soil and then, with flowers. Jacob looked on, as he watched the footprints lifting up from the mud; like magic, and all of the fairies and pixies standing on the edge of the planter. Jacob greeting each of them individually; you can only imagine them to be tired; after a hard day, looking for bedding plants. Refusing to give up their task, until they did actually find enough, for Jacob to use, to cushion his new bed. They were so eager to present them to Jacob, that they all began speaking to him at the one time.

And as, Jacob couldn’t hear that well, their voices resonated in a muffle, and as they were all speaking at the one time; they seemed to be all jumbled up! Jacob’s hearing wasn’t particularly sharp at the best times, and after his accident it proved to be even lesser still. But he did hear the word ‘bedding plants’ and so he stopped.

“Talking about bedding plants, where are they?” Jacob asked his friends enthusiastically.

To which they replied, “they’re right here, exactly where you wanted them to be, inside your planter.”

“I can’t see anything,” Jacob replied.

Then his friends, leapt down to reveal the beautiful new bed which they had made for him. It was exactly how Jacob had imagined; colourful, soft and comfortable. You see the fairies and pixies had to summon magic before Jacob could see the flowers and his new bed. As the flowers that the pixies and fairies had planted were in fact – grown from believing!

Firstly, Jacob had to visualise; how he wanted his bed to be, and then, he had to go on to believe in the flowers and their mystical powers. If he was to understand their charming nature and feel the softness of his new bed, underneath his back.

The pansies and irises; would make a super duvet cover for his friends, as they were soft and flexible. They could easily wrap their gorgeous petals, around their tiny bodies. Jacob had done just that; whilst he was sat on the stump waiting in anticipation he was channelling belief in his new home, and the beauty, that surrounded it and the flowers; which would make it comfortable for him. In believing he channelled that all important, cosmic energy. He transcended love to the flowers, and the fairies and the pixies. Therefore, when they revealed the planter, filled with the most vibrant and delicate bedding flowers, they could find; through an act of love for their kind hearted and hardworking companion of the forest. He was able to feel their love; towards him. Jacob crept over, and admired his new bed.

He was delighted!!! He climbed in, almost instantly!

Familiarizing himself, he began to roll around in his new planter-bed making sure he could fit in it just right; that his legs and arms wouldn’t stick out when he stretched them.

It was ideal!

Thanking his friends; saying to them that if they ever wished to share his new bed, that they could, that there was plenty of room for all of them. The pixies and fairies began to laugh.

“You didn’t think that it was only going to be yours, did you Jacob?”

“I mean, who is going to protect it when you are out in the evenings?”

“We have made a slight indentation, and cut away a little flap in the corner for us – right at the bottom of your feet. We will sleep in there; if it is ok, with you?”

“Here, I will show you,”

The pixies and fairies take Jacob over to the bottom of the planter, and one of them pushes down on the edge of the wood. Just as they had described; the flap opens up and becomes a bed for all of them.

“Of course, it is, and I think that it is a very thoughtful idea of you wanting to watch over our planter bed while I’m foraging, and I will do the same when you are out!” Jacob spoke tenderly.

They move themselves around making their little space, within their new planter bed and start settling in for the night. Despite the harsh weather conditions, they are warm, comfortable and safe.

Even Jacob!

Chapter 2

Jacob slept very soundly that night, despite being roused with the rustling of a neighbouring thrush – looking for food in a nearby bush. A juicy worm, Jacob could only imagine; as he watched the bird, peering attentively into the soil- anticipating his next meal.

The thrush greeted Jacob with;

“Good morning fawn sorry to wake you. I haven’t eaten very much at all this morning; and I simply couldn’t allow my only sustenance, to slither away and go without food for the third day this week. It’s getting a little harder to find food nowadays. Global cooling and the conditions of the weather are causing the climate to drop and there is not a lot of vegetation left. Something called climate change, so I hear, the villagers speaking of – whenever I fly around town. I simply couldn’t let this one go. So, I’m offlay sorry, for waking you.”

“It’s quite alright, Thatcher I was getting up anyway. I’m glad you have eaten now. I must be getting up and getting myself organised, and that reminds me. I must awaken my friends; as some pixies from the neighbouring village, are coming here today. They heard about how beautiful a place Mintcliffe is, and they have come to see it, for themselves.”

“Furthermore, I overheard some of them speaking of our red sandstone on the hills. They were saying to each other; that mixed with some resin, it would make great camouflage paint, when their hunting and foraging for food; this goes for you as well Thatcher, and I, to be honest.”

The pixies that were on their way over, were the hunters – they came to eat off the land. As the neighbouring village; from which they were from, unfortunately didn’t have the resources; to grow their own crops -depending a lot on Mintcliffe – to provide for them.

Legend has it, that many years ago; the village had been plagued, by a water virus. Which killed off their crops and plants. The villagers began thinking, in order to keep flies and insects at bay – slugs and snails – and the likes, one had to pour harsh chemicals into their water- supply. However, this proved harmful for their environment and unfortunately, it wasn’t long; before the villagers, began to notice devastation and deprivation, in their crop’s growth.

Thus, having to reach out -their feeler spikes (their hands) to the neighbouring villagers of, Mintcliffe! The little borrowers as they would sometimes be called, would come by in a polite manner.

“Please can we borrow some of your magic dust – which we can plant; in the hope of our plants taking root and, helping us to grow our own crops for the future”

And low in behold; that’s exactly what the villagers of Mintcliffe would do, with their hearts in the right place and coloursful – character charm. They would fill the borrower’s rucksacks with crumpled up newspaper. A dozen of these wee borrowers; all dressed up in their wee borrowing outfits, complete with bandanas – to keep their hair in place, and the sweat from getting in their eyes. As it was known to get very hot near the cliffs. So, anyone who ventured around the cliffs would perspire almost immediately.

The cliffs were in addition: very dry and crumbly – and when the sun would be at its highest point in the sky (usually around midday), the sand off the cliffs, would blow through the air. The sandy air, would then proceed – to blow onto the soil. Leaving the soil- beautifully enriched! The plants gained a lot of nutrients; from this mixture of cliff sand and air- and they grew plentifully.

This was Mintcliffe’s magic dust!

The tiny red stones (amongst the cliff sand), were like rubies that sparkled away, atop the soil. The slugs and snails; that would normally, venture towards the plants, and attempt to eat the Marigolds (especially) Never went anywhere, remotely close to them! As, they did not like the taste of the powdered sandstone or how it felt on their skin. Mintcliffe, magic dust seemed to be; a naturally – wonderful deterrent in protecting the plants and crops. An alternative to pesticides and harsh pollutive chemicals – for the beautiful world of cultivation and agriculture.

The ants, who generally would love to walk up and down, on the soil stopped, and similarly didn’t venture; anywhere near the powdered sandstone from Mintcliffe. Any of the other sandstone; and you would see them burrowing in and destroying walls, excavating the front of a wall in the space – of a few hours. Chipping away at it, whilst making their homes – inside. Many garden walls, on the outskirts of Mintcliffe, were completely demolished due to those busy wee rascals. Marching about in huge groups, digging and chipping away- at the surface. In fact, one would think that the ants loved the taste so much; that sandstone was their source of nourishment and they would be actually ingesting this sand. Or were they simply chipping away at it, for the powder to fall out onto the ground below. Where they could then, build small mounds- turrets for them to hide in, to hide their eggs from prey.

Come to think of it – this sort of behaviour, made perfect sense. Where else; would the little mites build their homes! Although: imagine, you spend all your time constructing a nice wall- feeling rather proud of it. That night you go to sleep; dreaming about your lovely wall and how you intend to decorate it with baskets in the morning – hanging them from it, and showcasing your beautiful flowers.

To finding, that when you open your curtains, in the morning and say good morning – to the day, that you see, those little rascals – have in fact demolished your beautiful self-sculpted wall. With all your ideas of hanging baskets and colours, collapsing along with it – in your mind.

You are infuriated, and you begin to set out to teach those little rascals a lesson, for destroying your beautiful wall – and your hopes for a brighter happier garden. You get some chilli powder, and you begin to squeeze the powder, in every nook and cranny – of what is left of your it. You attempt to then fumigate them, drive the wee invaders out of their homes, with one full squeeze of the chilli powder! To then see them; rushing out with their eggs – attached to them. You are inflamed with their attempts – to hide and escape you. As you look on to what you have left, of your (once was) beautiful wall.

This is in fact, what happened to one, villager’s wall. The villager’s name was Dave, and he, had been loving and taking care of his wall, for years. Removing moss, and mould from it; whenever the colder weather, would set in. Ants, destroyed parts of Dave’s wall – in just a few days! In fact, many of the neighbour’s walls too, were also partially damaged – due to those pesky little rascals!

Now, those little borrowers; once a week they would come into Mintcliffe, to borrow sand. You could say, they were not unlike the ants – the way in which the borrowers would leave the village; with their rucksacks full of the lovely nourishment. The sand and the ruby-red stone, however, wasn’t used to their soil; therefore, it took longer, to improve the growth of their plants, and crops. Yet, it was making an improvement; that it was! Noticing the difference, it was making, they would make their journey over into Mintcliffe, religiously – without fail.

The villagers, soon began to notice, little buds shooting up, and instead of their soil being a dirty grey colour. It was a rich brownie black, with red speckles of stones on top. This ruby red powder was magical! The plants and crops could feel this, they could grow and move – branch out in any direction they chose; and they did not feel under attack- like some of the plants from the neighbouring villages. Who hadn’t yet acquired some, magical ruby – red powder?

Feeling they were under attack; from wee snail Martians, snail people – with their hard hats, coming into feed off of- good kind plants. The slugs realised, that if they left the plants to grow; once they had begun to bloom – little bits of sap would rush down from the stem, and land atop the soil. Causing the sap, to then mix, with the red-sandstone. Forming a nice quantity of protein, which they would quite rightly, be allowed- to feed off. Once, there was that; circle of compassion and respect, the plants roots would come to the surface, creating a path or an access root if you like; for the snails to slither on, and up the stem – to the nectar sap.

Now that the snails were happy, the garden had produced that circle of compassion and respect. Just how, was the sap released, from the flower head? Well, here’s where the bees would come in: yes, our busy yellow and black fuzzy friends would sip the pollen nectar, and when they had finished, they would push their wee noses, into the back of the flower head – causing the nectar to run down the back of the stem.

After being assisted by those trusty strong roots; to climb aboard, and enjoy a delightful power – enriched sap, which they loved so much. Everyone was happy; all creatures great and small would assist the circle of compassion and respect. This is why it worked so, well!

Absolutely, everyone would come together, to support each other. Raising the creative energy – within the town. Those who channelled their energies, built knowledge and gained personal power through their experiences – to lift each other up higher and increase the magnetism. Almost, to the same extent, as those plant- roots. There were seen to be close links to the way in which the flowers, developed their strength and how the villagers did also.

Everyone; was happy!

Everyone that is; but Jacob!

Chapter 3

Wee Jacob, why; was he so sad?

Apparently, one evening; when Jacob was resting, he was awakened by a sharp bolt of lightning. At least, to Jacob this is what it felt like – a strong lightning bolt, having crashed through – protruding the opening of his wooden bed startling him – and alarming him, that he shot up, in pain. This planter similarly accommodated the pixies and fairies. One night; the pixies invited some of their friends over from the neighbouring village – the borrowers.

One of the borrowers was out one day, and decided to bring over a gift – from their garden – in the village; to say thank you for helping them out so much. The flower, that he wanted to offer Jacob, for his bed – was in fact a rose. A very beautiful rose, which the villagers had managed to cultivate in the soil from the red sandstone. She had grown so well; they imagined that if she should grow, even half as tall, and alluring, as the rose that blooms in Sapphire Creek then; they had managed, to cultivate – a winning rose. As the Rose; that bloomed in Sapphire Creek was magical -invisible to the naked eye in the daytime, but at night, and only at night – it would become visible.

They named her ‘Sapphire Blue Mist’ and she had some of the sharpest spikes, her spikes were so sharp; that the foragers most of the time, would use her for sharpening their tools after consulting with her on their daily adventures, and travels.

What sort of dangers they would face, if there were any, and what they should be aware of – if they were to come into contact with anything peculiar, or out of the ordinary? The foragers really loved her; as she was so compassionate – and she would guide them, in every way she knew how. ‘Sapphire Blue Mist’ grew near the waterfall of brilliance, she had been there for 10 years or thereabouts.

They wished, that their rose, would have her brilliance and light, to illuminate the planter bed, so when they arrived back they could see better, and as she was visible in the night, this would work out a charm. Their idea was that she would shine out her blue luminescent light, on the soil – and they would know where they were, and how to get back; should they ever feel a little bewildered. As Sapphire Blue Mist would do regularly over the creek. Appearing as if like a night light, for the animals, fairies and pixies of Enchanted Wood. A luminescent blue light; that may even have calming properties and may even sing – softly to them.

They knew from being beside the waterfall that ‘Sapphire Blue Mist’ sang and her sounds would echo through the cascading waves – and through the cave. The foragers loved being beside her, they felt good in her presence, she transmitted calmness and reflections of peace.

The foragers pixies and fairies would gather around her, and ask her to bring them things, to assist them on their travels, with strength, durability and focus. That, she may provide them, with comfort and offer them courage in their travels. She didn’t care to be planted in a garden surrounded by other flowers. She was quite happy being beside the brilliance of this waterfall; and she particularly loved to feel like a light house on the rock; when she glowed her luminescent blue light – in the night – through the streams of the cascading waterfall.

To her, the waterfall was her friend, and all who would come to admire her beauty became her friend. If the borrowers could get their rose, to reflect even the slightest, qualities as ‘Sapphire Blue Mist’ then their gift to Jacob – would be a very special gift, indeed. They set off, early in the morning back to their village, the sun was rising, so it made for the perfect lightening conditions when they eventually did succeed; in digging their rose up from the soil. It took them quite a good length of time to make it over. As they would stop for breaks – on the way.

A few of the foragers, suffered from Asthma. So, they found themselves; getting rather out of breath throughout the journey. In addition, the dry country road ran beside a field of rapeseed, therefore this would trigger, some of the other borrower’s hay fever. Between both of these groups, they would have to stop every so often, and either wipe their noses, or eyes and those with Asthma would take their inhalers – prescribed by the village doctor.

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop them reaching their rose. Unfortunately, and to their dismay when they did finally arrive beside her she had wilted!!
They thought to themselves; how can this be, whatever has happened – to our rose. The excitement changed into sadness. Witnessing their rose in this state, made them very sad and upset. They sat down beside her, and cried. So much so: that the tears that were falling from their eyes; became so much that they trickled into the soil. Now, whether their tears had caused a reaction – or whether the sheer energy deficit had triggered a response in the rose, and in the soil, that would be left to unanswered, at the moment, but; something very strange was happening!

All of a sudden! Their rose began to cry too, and she cried – and she cried. The borrowers were not sure what was happening, they were amazed to see her, with drips of water running down her stem; but sad! that she was crying.

Had she felt their sadness and it triggered the emotions inside her? Or were the tears, that she was expressing – happy tears? Come to think of it; were all the tears that the rose and the borrowers feeling at this moment – happy tears?

And they were – happy tears!

As her tears were her way of expressing her happiness; for she had found out why – her petals had withered!

Solely, due to the fact she gave away her power as a rose. She tried to be like the other roses around her, she tried to behave like them – and she tried to talk like them – position her petals the same way. But she was not like them; she was different, she was grown in a different pot to the other beautiful roses; and the soil that she was grown in – was from old generation soil, way back many thousands of years. She was grown in the same soil, of many older generations of roses. Amongst the settlement of the soil and the sandstone (Mintcliffe’s ruby – red magic dust) that had blown through, Enchanted Wood and had fortunately covered the surface of the soil- that she found herself, growing up in – she was given, great insight – and wisdom. Not to mention, the fact; she came from Sapphire Creek, the exact same soil that ‘Sapphire Blue Mist’ was growing in.

Their rose, wanted so much to be like the others; that she dug herself out – and planted herself in the ‘The dingle’; The Quarry Park’s Garden of Mystic. There, she would be surrounded with all the other roses. She drank from the same soil, and lived under the same sky. For many a year she lived there, she abandoned where she lived, and made, The Quarry Park’s Garden of Mystic-her home, for the time being.

But was she happy? Was she living her best life; or was she merely – surviving? Was she afraid to lose them, and be left on her own?

This all stemmed from, the fact, many years ago; when their rose, was only medium height, her mother took very ill and gained black spots, having picked up an infection. She was a beautiful wise rose – her mother. The village roses would always come to her, if they needed help with anything; they would ask her for her advice. You see her mother was a gypsy, and the town’s roses called her Gypsy Rose Lea.

She was very connected to the spiritual world of roses; and her great friend and companion was Gaia (Goddess of Nature). Gaia would spend many days sitting beside her, and reading books to her. Many hours of reading went on – both of them loved each other’s company. Gaia loved Lea – and Lea loved Gaia – they were inseparable. Until one day, a great wind came along, and blew away all of Lea’s leaves and petals, until she was bare and she had nothing – left. Barely able to reach up any longer, she bowed her head, and slept for a thousand years. Gaia promising her; that if she would sleep, when she awoke, she would be gifted something – very beautiful.

So, Lea their roses mother; slept for a thousand years, just as Gaia had wished. And surely as Gaia had prophesised, she did awake after a thousand years. She awoke, to a baby rose bud which she called Elyne. She loved Elyne so much, taught her – all she knew. With her always, picking her up from school on the school lawn; where all the baby roses would go to learn. Rows and rows of them; would attend the garden school of blooms. One of the oldest Roses, would take the class and she would teach them, how to paint with their petals – when it rained. How to move their petals in the rain, and the movement that they would create, would paint some of the prettiest paintings.

As each rose was of a slightly different shade, they all had very uniquely coloured, patterned paintings. The roses loved it when it would rain; as they would dance and move together, capturing the beauty of each other.

One day one of the roses had the best idea: instead of them dancing on the soil and creating their paintings on the soil – where it was dark. If they leave the soil, and dance on the pavement, they would then be able to see their creations, better – in the light. Not only that would be able to keep their paintings, for a little longer – on the paving stones. Subsequently, that is exactly what they did, they leapt out – and landed on the paving. The rain water running off their petals and falling to the floor; mixed with the colourings from their petals.

What a vision it had created!

The teacher looked on and admired their innovativeness and creativity. She felt so proud of them, trying something – new and fun.

Then she too, started to join in she ran into the middle and took hold of her pupil’s stems, and circled and danced beautifully in and out of each of them – under and over. All the roses looked beautiful, entwined together, their branches joining in a merry dance of friendship and love. She danced with them for a very long time; until it got dark. Just as she was about to leave with them all.

An amazing sight took place! The painting that all of them; had collectively created, reflected – above them. They looked up, admiring the colours in the sky, and they looked down, to see that their painting had disappeared; it was in fact – above them now. You see the sky loved the way that all of them came together and how they showed their love, that it wanted to frame it for them till the morning! To let them see that the sky blessed their creations and efforts. The sky held their composition – all through the night – and the roses looked on in awe, of what the sky had done for them. What beautiful coloured night lights of love! They thought to themselves. Falling asleep underneath, her soft canopy, of star-filled elegance, sleeping peacefully till the morning and when they awoke they noticed that the sky, had returned to blue and their painting had disappeared – for a second time.

One of them said,

“Oh, now we will have to wait till it rains again; to create another one”.

The teacher nodded her head and smiled. That vision, left them all in anticipation of what they would create collectively for the sky- next time they would be inspired, under his majestic glory.

Low in behold, that is what happened; the roses did go on painting for the sky and the sky was always very happy with their creations. They saw it, as an offering for giving them a roof over their heads and showing them a light, a light that they had never seen before – inside themselves.

Elyne, spent most of the week at school with Lea; taking her around. However, there was this particular Thursday, when Lea was taking her to school, that she stopped so suddenly and couldn’t move, she couldn’t speak, she could not even see her daughter clearly and her heart was pounding out her stem. She became very panicky, and most of the cars which passed Elyne and Lea on the street, were loud – and distracting. This made it very difficult; for Lea to think clearly. She must have been still for a good few days, unable to move even a tiny bit. Elyne took hold of her mother’s hand and hugged her tightly, trying to reassure her, that there was nothing to be anxious or frightened of! And, once she felt better, she would wish her mother; to sit her down, and tell her exactly – what she felt – in that moment. She wished to know what it was, that made her mother feel alarmed, that sudden change in her mood and energy.

She desired to know what it was that her mother was thinking; to trigger that change in her heart rate and move her mother in that way.

Having both climbed this very steep hill and arriving at the top, it seemed to suggest that Lea was alarmed when looking down, and panicked, with the descending nature of the hill. That it was possible; that as she had never been up; such a steep hill before.

That she froze!

Elyne didn’t attend school for two days; she waited by her mother’s side, supporting her in any – which – way, she could. Night passed, and it was getting colder, her mother froze even more, as she was now afraid of being in that situation, and the peculiar noises that surrounded her. Furthermore, the insecurity, of being in unfamiliar surroundings, that she went inside herself – and she didn’t come out of that state of mind, till a few days later. Elyne would not leave her mother’s side she sat by her, as if like her guardian angel.

It wasn’t till passers-by saw her, and helped her and Elyne. One of the farmers – and his wife were passing by, with a wheel barrow, they arrived at Lea and Elyne and scooping them up; carried them to the park garden and planted them in the soil. Lea woke out of her trance, surrounded by soil, she felt her roots in familiar ground and she was over- joyed to be back in secure surroundings – in a place that she knew so well. Elyne was happy, that her mother had come through, and she was back being the mother that she knew – that fun-loving mother.

Instead of having to witness the dull greyish petaled mother that she had been with for the last few days with fear and insecurities.

She knew her mother did not deserve to feel the way she felt every so often. She felt, it was unfair. Her mother would help and was very caring and loving to all she met and although Elyne loved both sides of her mother. She couldn’t imagine life without her she was Elyne’s world. All she wanted was to figure out a way, in which she could help her to feel at ease – and peaceful. How she could erase the memories; that her mother had taken on over the years and turn these memories into magic dust. Like the magic dust that they both breathed from and lived in all of their lives. The beautiful ruby magic dust that made them feel happy, and alive. She wanted her mother to feel a constant peaceful energy, as she loved her energy when she was at one with her coloursful – self. She loved the creativity her mother had, when she would play the guitar and sing with her, not just to her, but to all of her classmates, and friends of the flowers; who at that time lived within the castle walls. Her mother would sing and play guitar, with a soft voice she would play folk music and prayer songs to all of them. Her songs, most of the time, would take her classmates and friends of the flowers, to another dimension, stop time a little and transcend their thoughts.

Her voice would resonate with their tiny hearts, and help them to begin their own rooting structures. You see Lea’s sounds would echo to the waterfall in Sapphire Creek and bounce back to them – through the cave. The roses were tuned to this frequency, so they would be able to feel; all of the beautiful and soulful vibrations that nature had to offer those with an open-heart.

What a feeling it was!

To imagine experiencing some of the beautiful wonders of the world! When Lea sang, she would transport them to all – of those spectacular and enchanting places – in their minds.

Chapter 4

The first place, Lea would take them, would be India! Travelling, to the Taj Mahal in India where they would be inside the gardens; spending time with their brothers and sisters. They would go around the city tasting the soil. Their roots would taste what it was like for them, living in India’s soil. This soil they spoke of, was spicy, rich, colourful – and vibrant. In addition, the smells were strong and flavoursome, with hints of mango. They would watch men, and ladies getting married in the gardens, their flowing dresses and sarees – with their head dresses, (bhindis they called them). Some decorated their hair with flowers, bells – and crystals, that were seen to glisten – in the light, making the woman look – oh so – elegant. The men dressed in their turbans, with again radiant crystals glistening in the evenings light, giving the men even greater charm and debonair. Their marriage ceremonies went on for weeks. This was very different for the English roses, as they were not used, to these prolonged ceremonies. In England, the ceremonies would take place in a day or two. Not weeks – like here in India. The roses, well they enjoyed celebrating in the couple’s special day. Some of the native roses found themselves new homes.

Sometimes, the events coordinators, would arrange bouquets of roses for the bride at the home or establishment. Snipping a few branches off carefully, and placing them in soil pots. To transport them later on, to the event. Which most of the time – with the soil being fully enriched, these cut flowers nine times out of ten; would begin to grow a new rooting system, and they would survive. The roses would be then; after the ceremony had finished, after the week, was out. They would then, end up planted inside the couple’s garden, and would propagate and begin a new life there. The English roses however, found the air suffocating to their soil, they felt dry and in need of a good watering. Something they struggled a lot, because of the reaching temperatures.

If you were native to India; your stems and leaves had accustomed themselves to this hot country. If you were an English Rose; you would barely be able to stay out in the sun long, and you would move to find a less harsh temperature under – shade. Life in India, could be joyous, tough, colourful, tumultuous – but never boring for the English roses. India was one of those countries that they could; adore and despise – at the same time. For most of the days those English roses, absolutely loved, living amongst their Indian cultured friends.

They would smell the Indian food, some of this food would include: curries – pakoras, samosas, naans, kebabs and they would see small dishes; of a vibrant crimson red spice/seasoning, left out on the counter tops- (special Saffron threads) having been delicately picked from the beautiful lilac flower – the crocus – alongside ramekins, of fresh mint – yogurt. They loved the smell of mint, they remembered growing alongside, some beddings of mint – back in Shropshire. The villagers there; loved to make lamb on a weekend, and they would make their own mint sauces – to accompany their delightful weekend dishes; which they would ask their families and friends to come over to enjoy. Street food in Delhi was very different; compared to Mumbai. Every city was different, people were different and there were many different cultures – within cultures. The roses and her friends of the forest, had a chance to visit so many places in their minds – with Lea’s singing. The deeper they would absorb her sounds, the deeper, and the further – they would travel. Here fore, after travelling in different parts of India for years; the roses had become to sense a lot of fun and excitement within their travels, and as their hearts, were open to discover all there was to know, about the certain country they visited, always taking a lot away from their visit. Capturing a lot of insight and memories in the underside of their leaves, later to show these images and memories, to the creatures of the soil, the slug’s, spiders and ants.

Virtually any of the tiny creatures which climbed aboard the soil. Mint, was not only used for cooking, it correspondingly made, a pretty pungent tea, with refreshing properties, and the people of India loved their mint teas; in fact, India’s land grew most of the amazing teas. Masala Chai, stood out a lot to the roses; they would smell her tea coming from nearly all of the cafes, or households in the cities, and they would notice, that it would be available to purchase or consume in every nook and cranny – of this vivacious country. They would enjoy this tea, in the festivals they held such as Holi, Diwali, Eid, and Christmas to name a few. With over forty festivals a year being held in cities around India. The roses especially loved these festivals as they were vibrantly colourful and totally psychedelic! They loved to feel something different, they enjoyed the feeling of cosmic travel and they especially enjoyed travelling through the cosmic stream of their subconscious. Whilst, they were amongst these sensations, there was no need to speak; despite English unifying, all of India. Their sensory abilities, and how they were used to dance, on the paving stones with their friends – became useful. As they could unify; with the roses of India in the cosmic dance of friendship and love.

India was for them a sensory overload. Their senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, and even how they tasted the soil, below their roots, and how their touch, when they brushed up against each other’s leaves; were heightened so considerably – a complete bombardment!

They loved India and India loved them!

They were all – so beautiful and India could feel and sense – their beauty, and so she offered them all of the love she had to give; just as Lea did, when she sang to them. Their imaginations were even stretched, by the incredible architecture, and structures, that surrounded India. The roses also, would grow that little bit taller, when they were in her soil. Mostly from stretching their stems to see as much of this wonderful country – as they could. Almost with the desire, to reach some of the tallest mountains; that mountain magic, which the Himalayas, were blessed with. They would reach up as tall as they could, and dream; that they were as tall as those beautiful sacred mountains of the Himalayas. Or that, their roots could form bridges, like the Nongreat, Meghalaya; those many offbeat destinations, which would take travellers, from one point – to the other. The roses began to think of their root system and how they would assist the snails, providing them access, to feed off their supplements high on their stems. They found – they had, a rich likeness to India, and it’s incredible circle of compassion and respect.

Seriously, India became one of their favoured travelling destinations. They felt so much joy and excitement running up and down their stems, when Lea took them – over the water. India taught them to be strong, and it tested their strength and courage and toughened their branches. After they had travelled to India; they could live just about anywhere, in the world.

The land of spirituality!

The roses loved watching the yogis out in the gardens, around the temples. As they would awaken – with the lark, they would watch the local yogis performing their sacred dance and rituals. Making them feel very peaceful, especially, as they reminded them – of the children who would play, beside them in the Quarry Park, and additionally some of the joggers and yogis, that would use the park for their exercise or sacred dance. The roses saw just about any activity a sacred dance. Likewise, their dance painting, it was when they would let themselves be free, amongst nature. Watching the yogi’s, joggers and children play, they saw them as being amongst nature, enjoying themselves. Everyone felt a feeling of peace walking around India, or astral travelling esoterically, as the roses were doing in this case, and never did they feel lonely.

Many of the roses would experience trance parties – in a region of Goa. Everyone from everywhere, would enjoy a good old trance party. Lea had gone once with Gaia, and they loved so much, that they never returned. They went so much inside their subconscious when they travelled in Goa, that their minds never returned the same. Their minds had taken and absorbed the energy and activity that was happening; that they found it difficult to return to a more conscious state of mind later when they returned back to England.

Neither did they want to!

They experienced random sightings of animals – everywhere, when they were inside this trance. Monkeys and peacocks would be dancing together, the tails of the peacocks, creating pathways for the monkeys to dance upon. The soft feathers would guide them to the windows of their soul, from her eyes, deeply embedded inside her coat of fascinating and mystical feathers. These eyes would take you inside your dreams into the deep crevices – of your soul. It was incredible the mindful movements that one could take, whilst being part of Goa. Gaia’s senses were heightened, to which she could prophesise events which were to take place in the world, some devastating and some wonderous.

Lea she could learn a little more on how to gain heightened higher powers and knowledge. Both Gaia and Lea, loved Goa especially her decorative art; that could colour just about anyone that opened her heart to her, and allowed her magic, to fill their being. However, as much as the roses wished to remain in India they had other travels, countries and dimensions to enter into. It was apparent that Lea had sung so much, that she too required rest. She had been singing for days and her voice needed to repair itself, so she could take them, on other exciting adventures. When lea was ready, she would gradually soften her voice so much, that it gradually became a whisper, and then silence – was the sound that was heard.

The roses which found themselves moving through this gradual process, would eventually return, back into their reality, with Jacob and the fairies, pixies and small mystical creatures of the land. This is exactly what they did, ever so slightly they felt themselves returning back. They would lose the stars which had climbed onto their petals, giving them – their sparkle, and inviting them to travel with them, in the cosmos – of their minds. They began to lose all of that iridescent colouring, returning back to opaque colouring. The roses slowly beginning to realise, that they had returned to their non-esoteric life; when they were startled, by a noise from the bushes.

It wasn’t a familiar rustle; like they were used to hearing coming from the wilderness. It was tiny echoing, voices chattering away in the distance, although not too far in the distance. As they heard them getting closer, the sound getting slightly louder as whatever it was, seemed to be approaching them. Do you know what it was that was approaching them?

Our friends the foragers!

That’s right! They had made their way to the creek and were looking around for their rose. They still held the intention of making a night light, knowing that she would be invisible in the day time. Becoming only visible, in the night time, they were still interested in relocating her to their planter-bed.

They began, saying to themselves, “if we cannot see her in the daytime, then it maybe, we will have to return at night – when we can see her”.

So, they thought!

Soon to become mindful of the fact that Elyne’s magic was a hidden gem. You had to be trustworthy and of good nature and character for her to reveal herself to you. The borrowers would have to earn her trust and show her, that their hearts were full of love, and that they wanted only to make a difference to the beauty of the world in which they lived in. For true beauty would ascend the light in the world.

She could sense all their desires from the moment they approached her. You see Elyne being Lea’s daughter, had gained a special connection to the world and all who lived amongst her. When she was approached by someone, her feelers would go out and with her being invisible, no one would know she was there. She could attach herself to the person’s heart strings, and sense the vibrations from them. No one would know any different – but Elyne. She could tell if their mission was a good one or not, from being around them just for a short time. The borrowers arrived before Elyne, after pushing the paths that surrounded them and venturing into even deeper parts of the forest which they hadn’t reached before. Elyne saw the borrowers in front of them, she stretched out her feelers to attach herself to their heart strings. She felt them pulsating and softening. As they softened and relaxed; she could tell the borrowers were good people. The borrowers reached out their hands, stretched up as they were getting rather tired. They had been on this journey for what seemed like hours and they were beginning to feel sleepy. They crouched down and huddled together under an old cedar tree. While they were there, they opened up a conversation on how they intended to carry their rose – to the planter.

Once they had found her – and relocated her and how Jacob would be jubilant to meet her. But, they got very upset; as they began to think they would never find her – and how Jacob would have to go about sleeping without a night light – and how they would come into problems with finding their way, to and from their bed. Moreover, they thought how nice it would be for the fairies and pixies to do their crochet cosmic discs under – blue light. How important it was, they continued to make these as stepping stones, again to be able to come to and from their planter. The fairies and pixies so far, had made over three hundred and fifty of them, they had been making these for a few weeks now, taking a long-time to start and finish – each one. They wished that the discs could lead them into the centre of the town. The fairies and pixies, would make enough for them – to do, just that. These discs, were so colourful and each of them had symbols in a code, intricately sewn into each one. The borrowers, fairies and pixies, knew that once they reached the town, that something miraculous would happen for their town. As these symbols held a secret message and once the message was revealed to everyone, something magical would take place. Which had been written in the stars many years ago. These symbols were like the constellations on Orion’s belt. They only appeared to the ones who knew – where to look.

The borrowers wore around their neck’s little pendants – with a few of these inscriptions written on them. Elyne saw the borrowers wearing these spiritual pendants and it became clear to her, that it was them that her mother Lea, had told her about – many years ago, before she wilted. That before she will leave her to go to ‘The rose bed in the sky’ she wants her to be part of a special mission. To do something, good for the town, give back to the beauty of the town; for it’s consistent nurturing and care. Elyne and Lea never did without water, they were always taken care of and fed. The garden was always well maintained, and it took care of not only Lea and her daughter but all of the other flowers, and plants which resided in the Garden. It even, showcased flowers from all over the world; every summer, when it held one of the biggest flower festival display’s in all of the world. Lea loved Shrewsbury and Elyne felt happy anywhere, beside her mother. So, these borrowers must be a sign of what’s to happen to me, Elyne thought to herself. She remembered her mother as well, showing her symbols, constellations in the skies of the exact same symbols the borrowers wore around their necks. She was positive that they were her future, and so revealed herself – to them.

The borrowers were almost asleep; when from the corner of their eye, they saw a blue light, they turned their heads to see Elyne rooted in the soil in front of a few shrubs and plants. They got themselves to their feet and they began to walk closer to her, with the most amazed look on their faces.

“Oh, there she is our rose, won’t Jacob be so happy, we’ve found her.”

They begin to raise their heads to the sky and thank the skies for guiding them to her.

“Now, how do you suppose we lift her out” one of them exclaims.

“Shouldn’t be too hard we have our tools here with us it will just be a matter of excavating the soil around her and releasing her roots. Then, once we have her loosened and freed her from the soil, we can then lift her onto our backs, and carry her to our bed.”

“Oh, you think do you”, says one of them.

“What if she is deeply rooted and we can’t break her free. She must be growing there for many years, as she has grown very tall and has several branches, primary and secondary branches and even thirdly and fourthly”.

“This rose must be growing here for over thirty years approximately”.

“Can you imagine all of the incredible scenes she has witnessed, the beauty of the forest, ever changing, evolving and ever green. Her leaves have sourced this nourishment too as she has the most vibrant leaves – one has ever seen”.

Elyne listened to how nicely, they admired her and spoke of her beauty and she was very thankful to them for noticing and taking the time for her. She decided she would help them. She loosened up her roots, to make it easier for them. Low and behold this slight assistance proved to be successful. The borrowers pulled on her and she came away from the soil – first time. How beautifully she released herself from the soil, how she let go and allowed her future to unfold. Just as her leaves and petals would do in the spring when the sun was high in the sky and even in the evening dusk sky. The borrowers were very careful not to damage her they lifted her up on their shoulders as they had planned and began to walk back along the bark and mud spilled floor of the forest. Stopping every so often, to take small breaks to regain their energies and breathing.

Then they would carry on, they hoped to reach home before night fall as their rose would then become visible and they didn’t want to take the chance – of Jacob seeing her. They weren’t quite sure how Jacob would react to having the rose just yet. They felt they were doing the right thing, but they weren’t quite sure Jacob would approve. However, they did it anyway. They went with their gut instinct and vision and proceeded through the forest till they reached their bed. They got her home just before night fall, which they had hoped, and planted her nicely inside. Once, Elyne was planted securely amongst the planter and surrounded by the flowers. They hoped that she would glow her iridescent light before `Jacob returned home, and that it would be a surprise for him. They were so happy that they had accomplished what they had set out to do, and they could see having Elyne with them would bring light – not just literally but mindfully.

Every one of them was so happy!

Everyone but Elyne – their newly planted rose!

You see Elyne didn’t like one little bit being rooted amongst the other plants and flowers in this planter. She did not know them, and they did not know her, nor were they making any attempt to get to know her and she made no attempt to get to know them. For she didn’t have to she could sense their heart strings and they were all very unsure, of their new arrival, in the planter. She had besides, been rooted in soil, that she was not used to, and that didn’t have the same colour or feeling on her roots. She felt dehydrated and tired, so she refused to glow, and not only did she refuse to glow, she refused to be visible – when day turned to night.

The borrowers, fairies and pixies of Enchanted Wood were all so bemused, by the fact they could not see her after they had planted her. Especially the borrowers! They wanted so much to reveal her beauty to Jacob, and tell their friend, of the time they had – finding her. The difficulties they faced along the way and how much that she meant to them, and how much Jacob meant to them – as well.

Elyne was having none of it; she thought to herself, if I am to reveal myself they will think I am happy and contented and they will leave me in here, and I will grow here forever. I do not want to be here forever, and I do not want to glow every day either – scheduled. I want to glow – when I want – to glow! Not programmed, like I am some sort of lighthouse – on a timer. I mean what kind of magic will I hold if I am to reduce myself to becoming a machine, where is the spontaneity and the unusual beauty of glowing. The mystery – of why I glow – and how I glow. Glowing on a timed switch is not for me, and being told when to glow is not me either. I glow because I like to glow, something inside builds up and then my light is so bright that it glows. I glow when I feel happy, when I watch children in the wood playing or when I see people dancing beside me, and holding each other. Or when I have achieved something or when what I thought about and visualised becomes reality. Or when I have created something different. I would glow so much when I would paint my pavement paintings with the other roses in the garden.

When I would feel the rain on my petals and when I felt love I could grow and reach so tall like the buildings and the mountains that towered above the walls of the park garden and I would glow so brightly. Oh, my park, I wonder what all my friends are doing now – how many rose buds – they have nurtured. What school outings they have been on, and how many of them have even wilted and are no longer within the garden or even if some of them have been relocated to private gardens! I suppose I will never know, if I am to be planted here within this planter like this.

Then she remembered what her mother had said to her, and how she was to go on a mission for the good of the town. She pondered on her thoughts, to find a solution. She thought about how all of them could be happy – collectively. How she could glow, when she wanted and not on a time switch. She began to think so deeply, that she fell asleep. By this time, Jacob had returned from his ventures outside in Enchanted wood. He was getting himself, ever so acquainted and comfortable with his new bed. He loved climbing in, and the scents of the flowers would envelop him; this soft and fragrant smell whilst he rested. However, this night was different; there was some other sort of fragrance, amongst the everyday smells of his bed. A perfume, a very delicate sweet scent, which he got taste of – every so often through the air. The scent which Jacob was smelling, was the perfumed scented petals of a rose, as beautiful as Elyne. Of course, every one of the pixies fairies and borrowers, which were in fact asleep when Jacob returned; knew that the beautiful additional scents which delicately and wistfully floated upon the air were those of Elyne.

Everyone knew that!

Everyone but Jacob!

Chapter 5

It took Jacob a little while to get off to sleep, he lay awake thinking of his family and how much he missed them. How his little brother was doing with his schooling and learning how to grow to become a young fawn. His brother was four years younger than him and he had always excelled at school. But he had always been interested in flying and he wanted so much to take him and his brother out over the cliffs and mountains and show his brother what it would feel like to fly. It was his dream to become a pilot, he loved the sense of freedom which this would give him to be out on the open air with his own set of wings. But to have his brother there with him would be double the bonus. He hadn’t had such a great relationship with his brother, as Jacob could never find the time for him and actually to be honest Jacob never wanted to spend time with him. Jacob was not interested in flying he was quite happy on the ground. But his brother wanted to change all that and get him to experience new things and new heights-literally new heights, that he went and bought his brother a helmet. So that when he took him out he would be protected if they for any reason had any issues with strong weather conditions. His brother being a pilot loved the sense of adventure but was always very safe when it came to it.

Jacob on the other hand would go on adventures and nine times out of ten they would lead him into danger or became too difficult to be part of. Through some reason or another. There was this time when Jacob went out and found himself floating down a stream hanging onto a piece of driftwood. Jacob never learnt how to swim you see. His brother knew, it was important when taking his pilot licence that he learned how to swim so that if for any reason the plane’s engine stopped whilst they were in air and he had to do an emergency landing on water. He would be able to get out safely with no issues or difficulties. In fact, everyone in Jacob’s family knew how to swim.

Everyone but Jacob!

So, what happened when he was floating down this stream. Unable to swim he had to grab on tight and allow the piece of driftwood to keep him a float. As he was travelling with this piece of driftwood he reaches an embankment and there is a tree which has fallen over. Which in fact is blocking the passage way to what sounded like to Jacob at that time a waterfall. Not nearly as big as the waterfall in Sapphire Creek but, big all the same. Reaching the end of the stream and a mysterious branch with thorns and brightly coloured neon green leaves leans over and ties herself to one of Jacobs arms.

Then a sweet song like whisper echo’s through the stream and reaches the ears of Jacob to which this voice says softly

“Let Go, I’ve got you”

Jacob is in wonder of this strange voice. But reluctant to let go as he wasn’t sure whether to trust it. He does after a few minutes as he realises if he doesn’t the tree might fall with the intense pressure of the water and wash both of them away, further down the stream. He finds his courage and finally let’s go! The vine or branch he was unsure exactly which was pulling him to safety. Pulls him up and pushes behind him securing now his waist. Basically, wrapping herself around him. Jacob can feel himself verging closer to the embankment and to safety. His breathing returning to normal and his fur mysteriously becoming dry. But there is nothing to see. He feels this gathering around his waist, but he cannot see anything.

Could this be Jacob’s first encounter with Elyne and he didn’t know it? Could it be her beautiful branches wrapped around his waist and had she saved Jacob from the raging water? He would never know who saved him or in time would he find out? This is enchanted wood everything in time becomes clear in enchanted wood for those who believe.

Jacob despite haven’t learned how to swim he was a believer in magic. He had learned that magic makes itself aware to you, if you make yourself aware to it. Jacob had a very open mind and open heart. His brother on the other hand had not, he did not believe in magic one tiny bit. He was very methodical and sceptical in his findings with science surfacing on every doubt he had. He would use science to make sense of the non sensical things. There had to be a specific answer, explanation to why things happened and so he would stop magic from happening. He never made himself aware of magic and so magic never made itself aware to him. That was one of the reasons why Jacob found it hard to get on with his brother. As when Jacob would try to share in experiences which had taken place that to him were magical and non sensical. His brother would collapse his thoughts and tell him to not be stupid and there was no such thing and that it must have been coincidence and to not think of it. Jacob got quite fed up of having the magic taken out of these occurrences that he decided to stop sharing these special moments with his brother. He would go on to keeping these things to himself!

As he felt the wind was taken from his sails every time an unusual thing, magical encounter took place out of the blue. He would have to listen to a logical explanation for it, which to Jacob was boring and raised no excitement and colour inside him and this left him disconnected. By now all of the thoughts which swam around in Jacob’s mind must have sent him off to sleep. He slept soundly, amongst the bedding plants and flowers with the pixies and fairies and borrowers this time and of course their rose Elyne. He dreamt of the flying experiences with his brother and how much he actually enjoyed flying once he got himself up into the air. It resulted in a wonderful experience and took his visions and landscape thoughts to new horizons. He must have been in the air for a long while, whilst his brother would take him over the countryside and the beautiful hills and mountains. Where he would swoop and dive through cumulous clouds and through all sorts of atmospherics. His brother would teach him how to land the plane too, just on the off chance that he had to take over for some reason. Say, and heaven forbid this happens but if his brother was to take unwell, whilst they were up in the sky. Would he know how to get them to safety. Now, was this a huge responsibility for Jacob, well of course it was, remember this fawn had never left the forest.

He had always been with his feet or paws shall we say on the ground of the forest, never had he gone further afield never mind, up in the air. So, this was obviously as you can imagine an adventure for Jacob but one that came with tremendous responsibility. His brother went with him on so many days flying, Jacob was good company for his brother Ronald and when he actually relaxed a little him and Jacob could actually be great friends. Slowly, he came around and softened a little to Jacob’s magical character. He learnt not to discuss deep matters with his brother as Jacob thought in a completely different way to that of him. So, every time they would try to reason with each other to try to see eye to eye. They couldn’t!

Neither one of them were incorrect they were both right, but they were right in their own way. Neither of them could compromise and it got to the stage where Jacob, just refused to listen to Ronald. Ok he would, listen but he would never be able to see what Ronald saw and same went for Ronald he could never see things how Jacob saw things. But, they were brothers and bloods were thicker than water so they just put the discussions behind both of them and moved on. All of this dreaming left Jacob a little tired when he woke up and slightly anxious.

The dreams he had, were relayed in so much detail that they felt real to him. Although when he awoke he knew that they were only dreams, and that his brother would still be flying around with the air force on his line of work. That reminded him that his brother’s birthday was coming up very soon and how it would be nice if he was to make the effort of calling him, to wish him not only a happy birthday. Moreover, to ask him if he would ever be flying over his neck of the woods and if there would be an opportunity that they could meet up and possibly take his plane around Sapphire Creek, and they could even take themselves camping. Jacob could show Ronald his habitat the beauty of the creek and all its magic. Introduce his brother to his many friends, the pixies, fairies and borrowers and enjoy some quality time with his brother and all of them together. Before, arranging to meet with his brother he would have to get some kind of night light for them all to be able to see in the dark, so they could enjoy the planter properly and be able to see each other equally as much. While he’s lying there, he begins to think of all the nice things he could get up to with his brother and his friends. How he could possibly take them all fishing. As we know Jacob loved fishing and collecting the names of the fish he caught and then would let free.

He thought of the barbeques he could have with roasted chestnuts or any of the woodland nuts and fruits of the forest. He would try to make it as appetising and full of flavour as he could. Most of the forest creatures including Jacob were vegetarian or flexitarian and so they did not eat meats. Their stable diet consisted of plant-based foods, nuts, seeds fruits and vegetables. His brother however, he loved his meat, he would enjoy a juicy steak with his comrades and the occasional pheasant at Christmas, along with fish and chicken. He loved mostly every meat there was. Again, very unlike Jacob.

He got out his notepad and began writing all of the things he would need for his banquet get together meal. He would keep it safe for when the time came and he could then go and gather the items listed. Just as he places his pen down after writing his list. One of the pixies is beginning to stir. As we know that once one of them begins to do something they all have the same tendency to start and low and behold Jacob sees all the fawns yawning and stirring. They all sit up and look to Jacob

“Jacob you’ve returned how nice it is to see you.

I mean when we got home last night you must have still been foraging. We were so tired after we found you this beautiful……”

“Beautiful what?” Jacob asked,

“Why a rose Jacob?”

“A rose… what do you mean a rose”.

“She’s right there Jacob”.

The pixies, fairies and borrowers of the wood look over to where they had planted Elyne, and they are startled from not seeing her.

“But I swear we planted her here. She was going to be a surprise for when you returned. You were going to be able to see us all a little better and we were for bye going to be able to see you. As she glows an amazing luminescent blue colour and we think that she may even sing in time and she can sing us to sleep.”

Jacob was quite surprised that they would go to that effort to help the situation and to brighten their home. But wherever could she be, they said aloud.

“We planted her right there, as we noticed on the other side of where you put your feet a wee space. So, we thought she would be perfect there”.

One begins to scratch their head and so the others follow suit. They are all puzzled by this. Elyne can feel all this tension around her that she wonders what’s going on. She puts out her feelers out and attaches her branches to their heart strings. The message which is coming across is that they are saddened by all of the effort in finding her. All those many weeks looking for her and then finally finding and now they have lost her. Oh, and how much she means to them of course. What’s more, how much she would mean to Jacob and the village if she would return to them. But Elyne did not want to be in the planter. She may be able to compromise she thought and position herself on the ground near the planter. Where she could have room to grow and move around. Where she could illuminate not only the planter but the dense part of the forest. Little did she know that, that was exactly what her mother did those many years ago, by Gaia’s side. Did Elyne have the same telepathy and astral travel mechanism in her brain to transport anyone who cared to stop by beside her or could absorb her connection to travel within themselves.

All of them were soon to find out!

Even Jacob!


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